Online Learning

Grand's innovative approach to teaching for the digital age.

Our vision


Our Mission

We, Grandians, are decision makers, problem solvers and critical thinkers. we rise or fall as a team to build an English- Speaking community. where individual matters


        Meet the Grandians.

  • We believe that learning is power and hard work is essential.
  • We offer an opprtunity to share what makes our team different.
  • We are responsble for building the students' personalties and shaping thier mentalities.
  • We create universal citizens who would be the bright leaders for the next generations.
  • We broaden our students' horizons for more experience and knowledge.
  • We provide outstanding teaching and commitment to research.

What Grandians Say

Teachers work so hard to shape us into the students we are today. we thank you for our English Speaking community and all our great lessons. we feel so fortunate to have been placed into your classes. you have amazed and inspired us daily and for that we are thankful because you are truly wonderful teacher.

We hold our selvies accountable for the quality and lasting results of our work and for the commitments we make to our team work and students .


We go beyond traditional ideas and approaches so new possibilties and innovation can flourish to ensure real and lasting positive change.


We care about our students' as we always want them to succeed and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals.